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Pax Guns is a long established (1975) gun shop, registered firearms dealer and air rifle/pistol specialist.
The proprietor, Hugh Earl, and manager Chris Thrale, are able to offer professional advice without obligation, in traditional 'Old world' gun shop surroundings.
Chris has a special interest in vintage air guns, and is the author of the Webley air rifle 'bible', "Webley air rifles 1925 -2005", and is always happy to share his knowledge with other enthusiasts.
In addition to our counter service we also offer a mail order service for most items, with post and packing at cost. Please call or email to discuss your requirements.
We are happy to price match any item available from any RFD (Registered Firearms Dealer) in the UK operating from shop premises, providing the goods concerned are genuine products sourced from the relevant official UK importers, such as Armex or Hull Cartridge for example. We simply cannot compete with prices being quoted for 'grey' imports.
Pax Guns are also responsible for the development and production of the two high quality air rifles, namely the elegant PHOENIX Mk.2 and the unique take-down FAST-FIRE 10.
These are both pre-charged repeating sporting air rifles designed for the experienced enthusiast and connoisseur. Please follow the dedicated link below for full information about these products.
Pax Guns are a long standing member of the Gun Trade Association.