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We stock all leading makes and types of air rifle and air pistol including those manufactured by Air-Arms, Brocock, BSA, Daystate, Logun, Phoenix, SMK, Umarex, Walther, Webley, Weihrauch and others. We also offer all of the leading brands of air rifle ammunition and accessories including telescopic sights, scope mounts, gun oil, grease, rifle slings, cleaning equipment, targets, silencers, pumps, gun bags, binoculars and all of those other "must have" items.

The ammunition offered includes the full range of specialist, non-toxic zinc, tin or lead alloy pellets manufactured on the premises by Pax Guns, comprising the Prometheus, Paragon, Dynamic, Defiant and Piledriver ranges. These are manufactured to very fine tolerances to produce extremely accurate shooting, with a flat trajectory in any type of spring of pre-charged weapon. With each new air rifle or pistol purchased, a complimentary box of suitable pellets will be provided.

The VCR (Violent Crime Disorder) Act now requires all purchases of air rifles and air pistols made after 1939 to be conducted on a face to face basis when buying from  persons engaged in supplying such items as a part of a business  -  ie like Pax Guns. However we are now able to offer an additional service to some customers depending on where they live, whereby for a fixed fee of 10, any air rifle or pistol purchased at a cost of in excess of 100, can now be delivered personally to the customer. The following post codes are covered by this service:  WD1   WD2   WD3   WD4  WD5   WD6   WD7  EN2   EN4   EN5   EN6  AL1   AL2   AL3   AL4   AL5   AL6   AL7   AL8   AL9   AL10  HP1   HP2   HP3   HP4.

Additionally buyers of new air rifles, (or pistols) may have the option of having their purchase checked on the shop chronograph in order to determine the muzzle velocity, power output and consistency of their gun, using the pellet(s) of their choice.  A print-out of the result will then be provided. This service is also available to customers generally for guns not purchased at Pax Guns, at a nominal cost of 5 for 1 - 2 pellet types tested, or 10 for 3 - 4 pellet types. An accuracy testing service is also available within the shop premises, whereby customers can have their air-rifle tested on our purpose built test rig, which is installed in the basement, at a range of some 20 yards. These tests are intended to establish the most accurate pellet to use in any particular gun  -  invariably one of our own pellets, (Defiant/Dynamic/Rangemaster/Penetrator/Piledriver)  gives the greatest precision! This service is provided at a cost of 25, by appointment only, and takes between 30 and 60 minutes to undertake.

Re-filling or topping-up of air for either pre-charged air rifles/pistols or 'buddy' bottles is also now available at the shop.

Also we have recently invested in a high quality German air compressor, and therefore are now able to fill our customer's 3, 7, 10, 12 or 15 litre charging air cylinders up to 300 bar, on the premises, on a while-you-wait basis if required. To fill a 7 litre cylinder from 150 to 300 bar for example normally takes around 7 to 8 minutes. Telephone to arrange a fill.

We will endeavour to either match or improve upon any prices advertised for the same rifle or pistol by another gun shop.